Private Catering

At TSM, our kosher catering service can be called upon to cater for a wide variety of privates parties, religious celebrations, and business events. We provide diverse menus and are experienced in catering for all party sizes.

At TSM in Toronto, we regularly provide best kosher catering services to some of Toronto’s most lavish weddings and corporate events. Many of our clients, however, also often prefer to entertain friends and relatives in private. This being the case, we are pleased to be able to offer our culinary expertise for private hire, all across the greater Toronto area.

Fully Bespoke Private Catering Solutions

A private event is any party, celebration, or formal event which takes place in your own home or a private venue closed to members of the public. The only problem with planning a private event, of course, is that extra effort will often have to be spent organizing catering, staffing, and even furnishings and event decor.

A well as being able to provide gourmet and fully Kashrut compliant catering for private events, we can also assist with planning and staffing of private gatherings. Whether planning a private party in your home or an event at an indoor or outdoor private location, we can help you plan and execute events to perfection.

Our Catering Service

Regularly catering for some of Toronto’s most discerning clientele, we are are a fully kosher local catering company which can prepare and serve high-quality gourmet meals complete with unparalleled attention to presentation.

Our culinary creativity allows us to combine the freshest and most wholesomely soured ingredients, into gastronomic works of art which appeal to even the hardest to please pallets. What is more, our talented Toronto chefs and service staff can always be relied upon to complement the sophistication of every private event we cater for.

Our Kosher Catering Menu

As Toronto’s leading private kosher catering service, we hand select only the finest Kashrut compliant ingredients. Much more importantly, while being able to provide several suggested menus, we also invite each of our clients to request custom dishes. Meanwhile, we are always happy to personalize food service itself around any luxurious or more informal private event itineraries.

Kosher Catering for Any Private Affair in Toronto

At TSM, we have only one private catering standard. – A 5-star standard designed to maximize your and all your event attendees’ enjoyment. This being the case, if you are planning a private party, let us help.

Call or contact TSM today, and we will help you start planning your private event down to the finest and most discerning detail.