Party Catering

Everybody loves to party. Throwing a special family party or hosting a large social event, after all, is all about helping people have fun and connect with new people.

Needless to say, catering at a party or social event in Toronto is hugely important. Party food doesn’t just need to make your guests mouths water. As well as this, party catering needs to cater for as many different taste preferences and individual dietary requirements as possible.

Party & Professional Event Catering Made Easy

At TSM in Toronto, we regularly provide high-quality kosher catering services to a wide variety of formal and informal party planners and event hosts.

From summer outdoor BBQ party catering to fork buffets prepared in advance of events, we can cater for any party size and the most bespoke of party themes. Finger food, after all, might be perfect for informal family and work party events. Full table service and staffing, however, will often be the only way to cater for a more formal private party or celebration.

Catering Equipment & Staffing

Whether you plan on throwing an outdoor party or a party in a large indoor event venue, TSM can provide everything you need to guarantee that your party will be as memorable as possible.

As well as international dishes and culturally sympathetic culinary experiences, we can also provide waiting staff for parties, as well as any and all furniture, equipment, and cutlery required.

First for Extraordinary Food & Food Safety

With over 10 years professional catering experience in Toronto, no one does party and event catering quite like we do. This is because we offer the largest variety of buffet, BBQ, and gourmet food choices. We help complement the theme and feel of the Toronto parties we cater for, via first-rate food presentation.

Just as importantly, TSM chefs and wait staff adhere at all times to the most stringent food safety standards. Because of this, you can be assured that any party you host will only ever be remembered for all the right reasons.

Start Planning Your Party Today

Stuck for ideas? Whatever kind of party or event you are hosting in Toronto, TSM catering can help. We provide delicious foods designed to help define the celebratory atmosphere of any event. All you need to do is tell us how many people you need catering for and what particular party ideas you have in mind already.