Corporate Catering

Kosher Catering for Meetings Corporate Dinners & Special Functions

Nothing is more important in Toronto, than making a lasting positive impression on clients, corporate partners, and business associates. This is why at TSM, we provide fully Kashrut compliant catering to a wide variety of local businesses and corporate event organizers.

Why Kosher Corporate Catering Matters

In recent years, corporate catering in Toronto has moved on from the provision of just simple buffets and hot trays, where the same culinary offerings are served time over time.

In contemporary corporate catering, event attendees expect a much more discerning standard of catering. Much more importantly, because of the fact that catering standards at business lunches, dinners, and product launches, now directly reflects on business and corporate brand identities, it’s imperative for people hosting events to provide as diverse and as culinary exciting a catering service as possible.

Thankfully, at TSM in Toronto, we can help your business do just this.

TSM Kosher Office Catering

At TSM, we specialize in the provision of delectable kosher savory dishes, sandwiches, and vegetarian meals, all of which can be delivered on-site to Toronto offices and workspaces.

From smoked meat platters to simple kosher sandwich selections, we can be called upon to provide same-day and last-minute office catering. Much more importantly, our fully kosher catering menu is fully scalable to everything from simple corporate breakfast buffets, to more formal lunch and evening event catering.

Corporate Event Catering

By providing kosher catering at formal corporate events, Toronto business owners help celebrate diversity, whilst also easily catering to the widest variety of individual dietary requirements.

Defined by mouth-watering fresh meats, vegetarian dishes, and traditional Jewish dishes, TSM never fails to heighten senses of individual enjoyment at corporate events. Even better, we can advise on event appropriate menus, easily cater for large numbers of people, and we always focus just as much on exquisite food presentation as we do flavor.

Corporate Breakfast Catering

When breakfasting in the office boardroom, it’s easy to assume that quality must at some point be forfeited for the sake of convenience. At TSM, however, our kosher caterers don’t believe that you should settle for anything less than a gourmet breakfast wherever you might be required to hold an early morning meeting.

Providing fully kosher breakfast baskets and a wide variety of wholesome mobile breakfast platters, we help you start the day in the best way possible, regardless of where and when you might have a meeting scheduled.

Corporate Lunch Catering

At TSM in Toronto, we know that every corporate lunch is different. This is why we strive to combine the finest kosher ingredients in order to offer as varied a corporate lunch menu as possible.

In order to help you impress clients and corporate business associates, we can make available everything from the most tempting of fresh local seafood to gourmet meals and savory dishes.

Kosher Corporate Dinner Catering in Toronto

As professional kosher caterers, we know that the success of a corporate dinner can have a profound effect on the quality of future relationships with important business clients and associates.

Thankfully, by providing exquisite corporate catering which is fully customizable to each of our client’s needs, we can help ultimately strengthen such relationships.

Escape the Typical Toronto Corporate Catering Experience

At TSM, we provide superb food which never fails to pique the interest and enjoyment of even the most discerning palate. This being the case, help us help you impress your clients and business associates by finding out more today.